alternative bridesmaids outfits

Are you struggling to find an alternative bridesmaids outfits? Well, you’re not alone. It’s one of the things I help people with the most, and that always seems to cause a lot of stress. Most of the time, that stress comes from a place of love and wanting all of your bridesbabes to feel comfortable and not self-conscious.

With so many shapes, sizes, skin tones, hair colours and so on, how do you find something that works for everyone? Most go for one of those one dress five ways options, which are great and fit for purpose. But if you’re looking for a more alternative bridesmaids outfits, check out these suggestions:


Thanks to Elle Woods, suits are no longer boring grey things exclusively seen on middle-aged men. Suits are an ultra-cool way to dress your bridesmaids with a bit of an edge, because who doesn’t look good in a power suit?

I’d advise steering clear from something which looks corporate, so I would avoid grey, navy and black. A bit of tailoring is a great way to make a suit work for all shapes and sizes too. Chuck on a party heel and you’ve got yourself wicked alternative bridesmaids outfits.

Check out these ultra-cool options from Asos, All Saints and Zara

alternative bridesmaids outfits

All Saints

ASOS Alternative Bridesmaid outfit













Stylish and practical, jumpsuits are an excellent option for an alternative bridesmaids outfit. Jumpsuits come in so many different cuts, colours and materials all year round, which means you’ll never be in short supply of some sparkling options.

If you have maids who are a bit more self-conscious, they’re a great way to cover legs and tums too.

I’ve personally just fallen head over heels in love with this bad boy from Asos, so Emily and Emily if you’re reading this, you’re looking at your future.














We’re all such different shapes, sizes, colours and builds. Let’s celebrate this rather than forcing our friends into things they’re not comfortable wearing. However, the perfect dress which ticks the box for everyone doesn’t exist, which is where mismatched comes to play.

There is a trick to mismatching, though. Depending on your number of bridesmaids, it’s good to keep some continuity between them. For example, if you have six bridesbabes, use the same material for two, the same colour for two, and the same neckline for another two.

Choosing colours which work together or which are from the same palette is also crucial. I’ve chosen a few from Asos to show you how they’d work together. Here are the links to the first, second and third dress.

Asos Gold Dress

Asos Rust Dress

Asos Gold Dress














I can guarantee that if you tell your Mum/Grandma/Aunty you’re thinking about having white bridesmaid dresses, they’ll be a bit shocked. There certainly was a time where having bridesmaids or guests in white wasn’t the done thing, but we’ve moved beyond that now.

A bride will always look like a bride. There are very few white dresses which will compare to that of a wedding dress, that’s for sure. But if you are worried, perhaps go for something off white or beaded to add that extra level of difference. So don’t worry about anyone upstaging the bride. It’s such a chic look, and who doesn’t look good in white?!

Jada Poon Photography




Everyone has things they’re uncomfortable with, and in my experience, for a lot of people, that’s their arms. Cap sleeves have had their time, but we need to leave them alone now. Instead, please can everyone welcome capes.

Not Harry Potter capes, ultra-cool and stylish dreamy coverups. Give it a chance… From research, I don’t think the high street stores are quite there yet, but hopefully, they’ll follow suit of these higher-end brands soon. Here are the links to the images below: Jenny Packham, Kikiriki, Roksanda

Alternative bridesmaid outfit

Jenny Packham












Hopefully that’s given you some things to think about, and will help you find the ultimate outfits for your bridesmaids!

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