Christmas is just around the corner, and we want to go all out this year right!? I think we all need a special celebration this year, and one way to make your day that bit more special is to plan your table. Here’s my guide on how to style your Christmas dinner table.

1. Pick a colour scheme

My first tip on how to style your Christmas dinner table is to choose a vibe. There’s so much more to Christmas than the traditional stuff we see over and over again. Silver and white are always my Mums go to, but this year I’ve managed to convince her into being more experimental. Here are some potential ideas:
• Scandi
• Jewel tones (Sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green)
• Winter forest
• All that glitters
• 80s Kitsch
• Christmas in NY
Once you’ve settled on a theme, find a colour palette. You’ll find tones by searching “Christmas colour palette” on Pinterest. If you’re a bit stuck with an overall vibe, you can always do this step first. The colours might give you some inspo for a theme.

2. Find some inspo

Now that you’ve got a rough idea in your mind, head to Pinterest for some inspo. Search for your selected colours and vibe, and see what comes up. Remember, Pinterest doesn’t show you the best images on the first page. Find things you like, click it then scroll. That’s the quickest way to unearth gems. If you’d like more guidance on how to use Pinterest, check out my previous article here.
But inspo just come from Pinterest. These days you can find plenty on Instagram too, particularly with the added keywords feature. See what you can find by searching your theme, and make sure you save items you like for later.
Take inspo from films, tv shows, adverts, anything you think is cool.

3. Source your items

Christmas is a time to go all-in, particularly this year. All in doesn’t necessarily mean expensive though if you do it right.
It’s the detail that will make your dinner table phenomenal. The piece of ribbon, the curve of the cutlery, the speckles on a plate. All of these items are easy to overlook, but once you bring everything together, they make all the difference.
Here’s a list of things you should consider:
• A centrepiece
• Linens (table cloth and napkin)
• Glassware
• Cutlery
• China
• Stationery (Menus, place cards, etc.)
• Decoration (ribbons, placemats, etc.)
• Candles
Reflect back on your inspo images and see if they have any reoccurring themes. Do they all have delicate glassware? Or perhaps they all use natural textures? Picking out similarities will help you when buying.
As I said, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some of my favourite affordable places to buy tableware:
• H&M Home
• Homesense
• Charity shops
• eBay
• Wilkinsons
• Ikea

4. Bring it all together

I’ll be honest with you, tabelscaping might seem easy, but it can be challenging. You have to trust the process as it’s difficult to know what everything will look like until it’s all come together. When I do photoshoots, I find it incredibly stressful because I have to trust that my vision will come together in reality. It always does, btw.
Trust the process, and if you’re not sure, buy more. That’s my motto. As long as you can return the things you don’t use of course. Do this and you’ll be well on your way with how to style your Christmas dinner table.

5. Enjoy

Tablescaping is a great way to add a bit of jazz to your Christmas, so have fun with it!  Plus, it’s a great way to show off how fancy you are, and bring an extra level of excitement to the dinner.
But let it be destroyed. Let people knock things over, use their fancy glassware and spill gravy on their menus. It’s there to be enjoyed but shouldn’t stop you from having a super fun and relaxed meal with your nearest.
I hope that was helpful. I cant wait to see what you all come up with! Please tag me in your images over on Instagram.

Love Rebecca x