As a wedding planner, I’ve seen, planned and attended my fair share of weddings. And those that I come home from with a massive smile on my face all have one thing in common. I had SO, MUCH, FUN. Of course, it’s undeniable that things like choosing reputable suppliers and tackling the logistics are essential for a successful wedding since there are so many moving pieces on the day. But assuming that those pieces are moving like a well-oiled machine, I truly believe that what makes or breaks a wedding is how much fun people were able to have at your wedding, including yourself! Weddings, at their core, are essentially a massive party, right? Sure, the  style, or the food, or what kind of music you choose all have an impact, but ultimately all that stuff is contributing to the same thing. So, in this blog, we are going to focus on simple, yet effective ways to make a wedding fun!


Different Ways To Make A Wedding Fun

1. Ditch a cake for an espresso martini tower

Why? You may ask… Well, simply because it looks cool. But also because everyone loves more drinks, particularly when you need that after dinner pick me up.

A photograph of a married couple standing by the champagne tower. Incorporating a champagne tower is one of the simple yet effective ways to make a wedding fun.

2. Hire an interactive band

Never underestimate the power of bands… they really get the party going! Here are some of my faves.

A black and white photograph of a interactive band, performing at a wedding. Hiring an interactive band is one of the simple yet effective ways to make a wedding fun.

3. Have fun yourself

People are feeding off your energy, so if you’re on edge, people will feel that from you. If you think you might struggle with this, hire a wedding planner you feel you can trust. Knowing that everything is taken care of by somebody will give you a great sense of relief!

A photograph of a bride and groom having fun at their wedding.

4. Don’t let people go dry and hungry

No one needs hangry wedding guests. Consider giving out small snacks once or twice during the day. Or, hire a food truck especially if you’re one of those couples who love throwing late night parties!

A photograph of a reception table with drinks and wedding decor. Not letting wedding guests go try is one of the ways to make a wedding fun.

5. Think about your design

If everything is very opulent and intricate, people will feel the need to behave a lot more than they would in a more relaxed rustic setting. There’s a balance, and you can explore different styles for different parts of the day.

A photograph of a wedding venue, decorated with flowers and as well as a cake.

6. Keep your drinks reception short

Sometimes they need to be longer for logistical reasons. However, leaving people to stand in a garden for 2 hours is a mood killer.

A photograph of a bride and her relatives at their wedding reception. Keeping your wedding reception short is one of the ways to ensure a fun wedding.

Kind Words

I think too often we’re sold a narrative that weddings are stressful and hard work. Don’t get me wrong, some parts are. However, a wedding planner can take a lot of that away leaving you with the fun bits.

Below is a testimonial from one of my recent clients, and I honestly couldn’t ask for more than my couples feeling the way they describe here

“You made wedding planning so unbelievably fun, I just can’t explain how exciting it was logging into our portal to see a new document beautifully presented and broken down, with your own little insights set out so that we could make productive judgments on the different suppliers. It was like getting a Christmas present every time we logged in and there was something new waiting for us, all re-modified and wrapped in the chicest way.”


Having fun is my own biggest motivator in life, and I think you can agree with me when I say that everything is just better if it’s fun. It makes me so happy to see the stupid and silly moments at weddings where people are dancing on tables or messing about! …No wonder I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make a wedding fun.

If you think you could use some help with your wedding planning, and feel truly relaxed and ready to have fun on your wedding day, I’d be more than happy to go over your concerns with you! Book a call for a chat over a cup of coffee x

Love Rebecca x