Commitment issues

If you’re struggling to make commitments to your suppliers, wedding plans, or dates, babes, you’re not alone. I only really write about things I see lots of people struggling with, and this one is such a biggie at the moment.


I think we’re entered the phase I’m endearingly calling the covid hangover. Although it’s on the way out, and you’re feeling all round a lot more positive, lingering’s of the excitement and collapse you’ve felt before are still here.


It’s ironic considering the plans are for the day that you’re making arguably the biggest commitment of your life. But just to be clear, it’s the wedding I’m talking about here, not the marriage.


Back in September 2020, it was reported that 132,000 weddings were cancelled due to COVID. It’s been more than 6 months since then, so you can imagine how much that number has grown by. And I bet that doesn’t take into account the number of weddings which have been re-planned and cancelled in between. I’m working with a few couples who are now on their 3rd, 4th, 5th set of plans and dates.


So with that in mind, is it really any wonder you’re struggling to make commitments? I know it’s said a lot, but the last year has been bloody hard. Even if you’re not a weddingy person, it’s hard to not feel like you’ve lost a year of your life.


It’s hurtful to have had your hopes lifted and slashed so many times, and that might mean your plans don’t look the same as they did two years ago. That’s definitely not a bad thing, some things (dogs, houses, holidays) are just more important now.


My advice to you, as long as your caution doesn’t sabotage future you, be cautious.


Your number 1 priority should feeling as comfortable as possible. Planning your wedding should be fun, not stressful and anxiety enduing.


Of course, there are limits. If your favourite venue has one date left in 2022, then you should probably go for it. But if you’re getting married in August 2021 and feeling cautious about ordering 250 chairs, that’s very understandable.


Good suppliers will only put you under pressure to book when necessary. It’s important to listen to them as that point will come, but be aware of the pressure you’re also putting on yourself.


I WISH we weren’t still talking about this, but it will be over soon. You will get married, you will make that commitment to your partner, and if you miss out on the exact chairs you wanted, c’est la vie. Do what makes you feel comfortable. I promise you won’t care about the chairs in the end.

Love Rebecca x