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Recently I’ve been noticing more and more couples opting to not have a first dance. In fact, I don’t think I’ve got anyone booked in who is carrying out this tradition. Last week, I had a groom decide to cancel on the morning of! Don’t get me wrong I’m all for not doing something which makes you feel uncomfortable for the sake of “tradition”, but equally I want you to know that you’re options aren’t limited to Perfect by Ed Sheeran, or Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, or Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. So, I’ve compiled a playlist of 40 First Dance Songs That Aren’t Cringe which you can see in Spotify. For the time being, here are my top 10 First Dance Songs That Aren’t Cringe.

First Dance Songs That Aren’t Cringe

  1. Songbird – Oasis
    I really hate Wonderwall. I’m sorry but what is a wonder wall and why does everyone insist on playing it so much? But I do love Oasis, and Songbird is a sweet but up beat song, perfect for an informal first dance.
  2. Just Like Heaven – The Cure
    Apparently, this was written by Robert Smith when he was away, and thinking about returning to his future wife. Small edit – Fraser has never written a song about me, but I’m pretty sure if he didn’t it wouldn’t have the same impact. No offence hun
  3. Baby I’m Yours – Arctic Monkeys
    Anyone who knows me knows there was little chance of me getting through this without adding an AM song. Admittedly, this isn’t the most complex song in the world, but it is a very sweet and mellow number for your first dance.
  4. Love You ‘Till the End – The Pouges
    Hmmm… Not sure how this is going to go down. Probably quite recognisable  from “PS I Love You”, and The Pouges themselves for the Christmas song we all love to belt out, “Fairytale of New York”. I’m not sure if it’s my Irish heritage, but this song bares a sweet simplicity to me.
  5. Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches
    Slowing down, and the most acoustic song on the list so far. This, again, super simple song does what it says on the tin. One of the more alternative options for the list for sure.
  6. Loving is Easy – Rex Orange County
    Warning – Expletives from the outset. If you’re having kids at your wedding, maybe don’t go for this one. I love this song, it’s upbeat and happy, but still has a good meaning behind it. Also, it’s only 2.36 long, winner if you’re wishing for your first dance to be over before it’s started.
  7. Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies
    Apparently, The Pixies hated this song and thought it was too pop. But, there’s some great guitar in there, and it’s definitely one of the less obvious first dance choices.
  8. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
    I know I’m going to get hate for this and I don’t even care. Slightly off key, but cmon, I challenge anyone to have a bad time while dancing along to this. CLASSIC!
  9. Friday I’m in Love – The Cure
    Yes, it’s The Cure again. I think they make great first dance songs though.
  10. Rebel Rebel – David Bowie
    I know this isn’t a love song, but this isn’t a list of love songs. This is a list of first dance songs that aren’t cringe. I love this song, I always will, and I think it would make for a cracking first dance.

So there you have it, 10 suggestions first dance songs that aren’t cringe. My all time favourite choice, and that which will be my first dance song, didn’t make it onto this list. I share so much, and no offence, but I don’t want to go to a wedding where someone else has it. BUT, if you can guess it, I’ll tell you. So, what is the best first dance song of all time?

If 10 songs aren’t quite enough, you can find these songs and an extra 30 on my Spotify playlist. Search “40 First Dance Songs That Aren’t Cringe”, or Click Here. Let me know if you liked this post! I really enjoyed writing it!

Love Rebecca x